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A Weekly Diary of a New Life

2022-11-24 17:42:51photography

Since I received the news of my retirement on November 18, I have suffered from insomnia for three nights. I watched geology, geography and related Buddhist philosophy official accounts, and gradually came out of the blue sky and transitioned to the realm of the sky and the earth.

New life week diary

Life has entered a new track. I entered Xinjiang at the age of 18 and worked hard for 31 years. I am grateful for the years, contented and happy, and my life has entered the second 30 years of innovation and entrepreneurship. Changing the environment and platform can inspire morePotential and fighting spirit.

Reorganize the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-year, and annual life essential content, set the mobile phone alarm clock, self-discipline is free, and freedom is more self-disciplined.For example, a fighter jet has made a soft landing, but the battle on the ground has just begun, so strategies and tactics are required.

Reorganized the relationship between people, such as the circle of blood relatives, the circle of relatives, the circle of technology, the circle of students, and the circle of colleagues, such as the ripples of the pattern of differential order, to calculate whether the emotional bank of the network is sufficient, dynamic balance,Live forever.

Re-examine your health and financial situation. These two are the capital of a new life. After retirement, living is to make money. There is no need to worry about fear, no need to work overtime, and no need to look at people's faces..

New life week diary

From now on, start a new 30-year life plan. It is still a professional development plan for Heart, Shield, Sword, and Sword.Good, plain and peaceful, live well.

New life week diary

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