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Illustration|Changdehe Street 21

2022-11-24 18:13:39photography

Changdehe Street began in the Warring States period under the rule of King Wei of Chu, was established in the Zhengde period of the Ming Dynasty, flourished in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, and was destroyed by the Japanese invasion.

In the ancient city of Changde, on the bank of the Yuan River, there is a bustling river street stretching more than 2,000 meters from the east gate to the west gate. From east to west, it is Dahe Street, Xiaohe Street, and Mayang Street.The ancient streets and alleys of Xiangxi Grand Wharf have now turned into the Great Wall of the Country of Poetry.

Nowadays, Changde City has built a new Changde characteristic ancient street on the old site. This is an antique commercial street with a new model that integrates tourism, leisure, vacation, and living. It is based on Yuanhe Street on the edge of the Yuan River., Mayang Street, Xiaohe Street, and Dahe Street are arranged from west to east.

October 1, 2022-October 4, I was lucky to live near here, and I went to the river every morning for a walk, and these scenes were taken at that time.

It's the south after all, the flowers are in full swing, hanging all over the wall like a waterfall.

The flowers are like a waterfall, climbing all over the wall

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