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2022M11|Are you the best behaved among us?

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A group of children downstairs were chattering happily, and suddenly a childish voice sent a message to a little boy: "Are you the best behaved among us?"

At this time, I just went to the supermarket and came back from a wall. Because it had been three days, they were not allowed to enter. I whispered, I just made it in the morning, and now there is no water at home. I bought a bucket of water and left.

Looking at the water near Chichi, people said, no, it is not allowed to enter according to the regulations, and you can go to another place to look.

"Of course! Mom said I'm the most obedient!" The little boy puffed up his chest and shouted proudly.

I took off my glasses and continued to walk forward with dim eyes, whispering in my mouth, I am also quite obedient.

As we approached the gate of the unit building, a group of uncles and aunts were discussing enthusiastically, where was blocked again, where it was directly for several days, and could not go anywhere, the interest was really too high, as if wishing the whole world, what would happenWell, don't develop anymore, they will always be the wisest and the best.

I saw a sentence not long ago, there were more than 30 people on the first floor, and an old man downstairs was watching. The old man wearing a red armband should be very relieved, did he find the feeling of the past?Would he feel that these people are so good-looking, and that he would treat them honestly without doing anything while sitting here every day.

Who would want you to behave?

Being good means being obedient, listening to someone, are you from incompetent parents?

Often walking on the road, seeing a mother followed by a crying child, the mother yelled back, "I've given you a chance, and you're still like this! If you do this again, don't go back, go wherever you like."

Of course, there will also be very kind parents who are willing to support their children's so-called willfulness.

I don't want to wear thick clothes in winter and I don't think it looks good. I will tell you that you may catch a cold when you go out like this, but if you insist, I will respect your decision.

The little boy suddenly wants to wear his mother's high heels, and I will also tell you that you may be judged by others when you go out like this. If you can accept it, then I think you can wear it out.

Many parents will say, I am under a lot of pressure every day, and I am too busy cooking and working, how can I have so much time to discipline my children like this.

Then I would like to say, why did you give birth to him, don't have children, do you have any rare genes that need to be passed on?

I may have had a bit of hostility since I was a child, but I was disciplined to be very obedient. I was so obedient that the person in front of me entered the supermarket without scanning the code.Tell you not to go in.

Yeah, it's none of your business if there's no water in the house, if you're brave enough to rush in, it's still not a dead end.

If there is no special opportunity, it is estimated that most people are very obedient, the so-called obedient people, starting from Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, the obedient people educated by Confucianism.

As far as I can see, the talent tree is trimmed neatly, like a city plan. I don't imagine that there are still some places in this world where the human nature tree grows wantonly.

Both kinds of trees are very good, they can keep out the wind and rain, it depends on which one you want to make, or in fact, you have no chance to be reborn, if one day you accidentally have a chance to have a child, how would you choose?

Should he be a good boy, or should he be patient and watch him grow quietly?

Recently, I watched the daily life of some eighteen-year-olds, and they were not as naive as I imagined. They also knew everything, including various brands of LV, and various luxury cars of GTR, but what I envied was,They don't care about the so-called stable or good jobs. They will work hard to earn a month's money, and then either rent a better house, or buy a brand-name clothes they like, or simply take the money to go where they want.Playing in this place for two days, the whole person is full of vitality.

Of course, they are also obedient in their bones, and they are all obedient, but they are still different from the so-called obedient citizens.

My 18-year-old seems to be the same, so we should essentially live older and older, and few people can live better.

Of course, you will also see a lot of self-media people still fly to various cities to do what they want to do. Ajahn Pangying, who was known by Qiqi before, and many others, all flew to Qatar to watch the World Cup.

Your world is static, or you think it has changed in the past three years, but in fact, in the eyes of many people, only the environment has changed, and the world is still the one they are conquering.

On the deserted streets, the takeaway boy was lying on his back on his motorcycle, smoking a cigarette in a daze, waiting to take the order, and the civil servants were busy pasting notices at the entrances of various shopping malls.These two types of people walked into a picture incomparably harmonious.One thinks that they are not important, but they are actually very important, and the other thinks that they are very important, but in fact, no one cares whether they go to work or not.

So, this is the real world, maybe, the world is just a human imagination, everyone is just a miracle of life, but the power of this miracle has turned into a fuel-like existence for some reason.Whose dream, and that person may not have a dream, he just wants to live comfortably, and by the way, these four words have become the dream of most people in the world.

The dream is still

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