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2022-11-24 19:00:09life journey

Xiaoyue has been asking me out for time. It’s been a long time since I saw her. She is my childhood friend. Although in a city, we meet less and less. She is the mother of two children and is still doing her own work..

I'm very busy. I used to meet on a monthly basis, but now I meet on an annual basis. I also have my own circle. I have less work and rest, and I only have two days off in a month. I usually go out after get off work. She has to take care of the children and go out at night. Not coming.

Last week she asked me when I would be off, and I said the 23rd, and seeing that she didn't reply, I didn't think much about it. Later, a colleague from the unit, a pregnant woman, wanted to take a break with me. She thought the 23rd would be Wednesday, and then putShe will live with me on Sundays, and it is easier for her to travel on weekends with fewer cars and fewer people, and I have nothing to do, so I agreed.

On the 23rd, I just arrived at work, and Xiao Xiao called and asked if I was at home. She was leaving to find me, and her husband would send her over.I was stunned all of a sudden, and said that I was at work, and my colleagues and colleagues had taken a break, and that the rest would be next month.She could tell from the voice that she was quite disappointed, and then said that she would hang up the phone next time she had a break.

I felt uncomfortable that morning, so I should have told her in advance. I didn't expect her to be so caring, so she really remembered the time on the 23rd and wanted to see me. On the contrary, I have a bad memory so don't tell her in advance.I'm very embarrassed, and secretly determined that next time I must make an appointment with someone in advance, and I can't do this again, it's so heartbreaking.

When this incident happened, I also found a problem. I underestimated myself too easily, and felt that others would not take a light word to heart. I was too unconfident and underestimated my position in others' hearts.

For so many years, I feel that I have low self-esteem, I feel that I am inferior to others, I feel that I should not be loved, and I look forward to the appearance of the person who dotes on me, so I live in contradictions day after day.

I will always remember that my childhood dream was to be a star and a singer, because I liked to sing and dance, and I felt that I was very good at it. One day I confided my dream at dinner, but my father pointed at my nose and scolded me, saying that being an artist is not a good industry, Said that I was too ugly, according to whether I was qualified to be a star, and later it rose to the question of shamelessness.

Maybe he is doing it for me. I know that a farmer’s daughter should have real ideals and be able to feed herself, which is a better way to go than a star, but his words hurt me deeply.Twenty years have passed and I haven't forgotten it.

How heavy a sentence is, sometimes it can really overwhelm a person's pride, and it can also build a person's self-confidence.So, never underestimate the power of a word.

Don't talk nonsense and blurt out some hurtful words. The words spoken lightly may be very heavy to a person.If you don't press yourself, you won't feel the same. There are many people around you, and your loved ones leave... To speak specifically about hurting people, let words pierce people like needles, and it won't be fun without bleeding, and language violence is like splashing outWater, out of control.

It is not as easy to heal as a wound on the skin. The self-healing power of the soul is still relatively poor. The distance between two people will become farther and farther. There will be fights at the head of the bed and peace at the end of the bed.

Practice more, let your language become powerful and full of love and sunshine, sow warm seeds everywhere, so that everyone around you will benefit, they will be willing to get closer to you, and give back your positive energy. Believe in such a circleIt is a positive cycle.

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