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1. Shanglian: Diving in the Outlaws of the Marsh;

The next couplet: Dream of Red Mansions Dream Internet Red.

Note: Both Outlaws of the Marsh and Dream of the Red Chamber are puns. They are not only two famous works, but they can also be literally understood as a legend written by the water and a dream in the Red Chamber.Chuan and Meng are both nouns and verbs, the front is used as a noun and the back is used as a verb.Diving and net red are two hot words on the Internet.It is difficult for Qulian to be completely in line with the law, and it can be relaxed to the level.

If you don't consider flatness and flatness, the "Qingyu Desk Case Angry Youth" in the Shanglian is also very good, but it's a pity that Qing is flat.

Second, Shanglian: Frost and cold river Yu Qiuyu;

The next couplet: Pingpin Three Kingdoms Yi Zhongtian.

Shuang Leng Chang He is a collection of essays by Yu Qiuyu, Pin Three Kingdoms is a masterpiece of Yi Zhongtian from the forum of hundreds of schools.If the rest is left, it will be interesting to change positions easily.

Boiling the Three Kingdoms into Kings and Billions is not bad, but unfortunately it also ends flat.

Throwing bricks to attract jade, Jianyou is welcome to write sentences and comment on sentences.

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