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2022-11-24 20:26:54photography

Speaking of Thanksgiving today, what did I do.

It's not intentional, I didn't think of doing this, it's just a thought to thank the people around me.

So I took out my mobile phone and sent my heartfelt words to people one by one, and gave a big and small red envelope.

I didn't expect any kind of feedback from them, I just wanted to thank them, but they all returned my full love, I was very touched.In an instant, I realized that giving is a kind of gain, and it is more nourishing to have feedback, and I enjoy it without feedback.Because when I give, I express it with full of love.

After finishing these things, I went to take a shower, and I had a thought in my heart to call my parents to express my love

The brain is still analyzing the first age people, and they don't understand Mandarin, how to express it, will they accept it?

But the heart just wants to fight, so follow the heart!

Dialed the phone number of my parents, and my parents asked me how to make the call. I directly stated that I missed them and expressed my gratitude to them. I still remember my father who is not good at words and laughs like a child.My mother kept caring about me and blessing me.(Because I am silent here)

When I hung up the phone, I couldn't calm down for a long time, and I was moved to tears.It turns out that anyone needs love, gratitude.

Most of us go on and on neglecting the love that those around us show for what we do.But he kept asking, and even complained.

If the people around you don't give what you want, have you ever thought about giving first?

Giving love and reaping love, for example, I called my parents to let them experience the feeling of being loved.They are also sweet in their hearts.

I will send all my experience to my brothers and sisters, if they feel it, they will naturally express their love to their family members.

Sometimes thinking about someone can actually bring a lot of energy.

At the moment when I was writing the article, the child came to give me some snacks and wished me a happy day.

May everyone live in the frequency of love every day. When you change, the people around you will change too!

Blessings everyone!Thank you all for meeting me in my text.

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